Harness the Power of Consumer Behavior Data

Allspark allows our clients to reach, understand, and market to audiences at a global scale, with one of the largest sources of data intelligence in the industry. Covering 1.6 billion unique user IDs across more than 44 countries, our partner Near’s Data Intelligence Platform is the full-stack solution trusted by businesses worldwide.

Maximise Your Marketing ROI with Allspark

Allspark helps marketing leaders maximize campaign effectiveness with AI-enhanced audience curation, seamless integrations and real-world attribution.

Acquire new customers with more effective targeting

Leverage act-alike modeling, location affinity, demographics and more

Grow revenue & maximise marketing ROI with online-to-offline attribution

Grow loyalty by enriching customer profiles for increased personalisation

Curate Advanced Affinity Audiences and Reach Them with Omnichannel Ads


Define affinity audiences based on behaviors in the digital and real world—like visits to specific places or brand preferences. Then, reach them with omnichannel advertising across digital and mobile, CTV ads, social media, and more.

Activate Winning Campaigns Seamlessly


Launch campaigns in just a few clicks using direct integrations to the tools your team is already using—like Meta, Google Marketing Platform, Adobe, Tealium, Salesforce, etc. Or, use Near’s built-in DSP to activate campaigns directly from a single platform.

Measure Success with Online and Offline Attribution


Maximise your marketing ROI by understanding campaign efficacy. Seamlessly track over 100 key campaign metrics, like store visits or digital conversions. Measure the success of your efforts with powerful attribution and optimise towards strategies that drive results.